The Truth House • Behind The Design by Sethlina Amakye - Love Sethie Interiors


  • The Truth House
  • 4515 Sq ft.
  • 6 bedrooms, 4.5 bath

Here’s a recap of our July interior design project showcasing a transitional Texas house with personal touches and elements that combined our expertise with our client’s wishes.

If you have been following Love Sethie Interiors on Instagram, you may know that  I began this project with much trepidation. The fear was irrational and based on lies because it wasn’t my first large-scale project, so I should have been more confident than I was.  Somehow or another, I had convinced myself that I wasn’t worthy.

I finally got my footing and had to start taking my thoughts captive  (2 Corinthians 10:5). It worked! In these images, you see a woman and her team who knew we were on assignment to bring peace and rest to our client’s home.

Everything was stuck in a time warp, and I felt uninspired. We decided on a Transitional design style to lighten the home up. Our goal was a brighter comfortable, unpretentious and timeless home, which is my expertise!


I believe the most significant impact on any home is the paint color, and we chose to lighten up the space and remove the yellow overcast created by the beige/cream walls. We used Barren Plain by Benjamin Moore on most of the walls, which immediately elevated the space.  It’s a very neutral grey but cool enough to counteract the beige.


Comfort was achieved by ensuring all seating was oversized and more profound than usual. Additionally, we added lots of textures and warmth through throw pillows, throw blankets, and warm woods. We stayed away from the furniture you couldn’t sit in comfortably for long periods.

Unpretentious + Timeless

Sometimes in interior design, elevated style can feel contrived. My client kept mentioning that she wanted a beautiful home but didn’t want to live in a museum. We accommodated that by mixing old family heirlooms like her grandma’s traveling trunk in her master bedroom, for example, and new modern pieces. This keeps any space approachable and timeless.