A Practical Guide for Deeper (and Enjoyable) Daily Devotion


I’ve been trying to break the holy grail of devotional time with God for years, but nothing ever seemed to stick! I was so jealous of women who could sit quietly at 6 am with their Bibles perfectly poised while watching the gorgeous sunrise.

On the other hand? I often woke up with a cheerio in my hair and a little elbow (or two) in my ribcage. Sneaking out to my cute little prayer closet was not an option. I knew there was a better way! A more realistic one that didn’t leave me feeling guilty. 

I needed to go deeper. It needed substance without the fluff or excess. I realized it was time to reevaluate my intention, not to check something off a list, but to meet my best friend daily and catch up on all the crazy deets of life.

God is so good at being God; the only way to know that without a shadow of a doubt is by attempting to figure out who, what, and why He is. This attempt ultimately leads you down a rabbit hole where the mystery of His existence overtakes you!

I pray you will discover more about your Father while reading these pages. It’s not about the coffee mug and cute Instagram image. It is about your relationship with Christ. The methods I share in this e-book have been life-changing for me! I hope you find something that eases your mind and gives you a little bit of hope! 

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