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Love Sethie Interiors

My design philosophy relies heavily on my faith and my gifts to mirror the grace of God.

god is in the details

The results that you dream of and a home that embodies your spirit.

Our homes should be spaces that are an extension of our hearts and how we choose to show up in this world.

My goal is always to design from an aesthetic that is:

Beautiful and Forgiving
Practical and Restorative
Abundant and Timeless

This is by no means perfect. What it does mean is being intentional with anything we bring into your “space of grace.”

Design can be life-giving and, when done with the Holy Spirit at the helm, allows us to be restful in a world full of chaos and uncertainty. I can’t wait to help you turn your home into the sanctuary your heart yearns for.

The Truth House • Behind The Design by Sethlina Amakye - Love Sethie Interiors

Virtual & in-person consultations

Walk away knowing that you have a solid foundation for a peaceful escape right in your own home!

+ Consultation to create your personalized Mood Board.
+ Insight into your authentic personal interior design style.
+ Ask me those pesky interior design/decor questions. +Learn how to confidently make design decisions.
+ We’ll discuss how I can help you with your redesign, renovation, or assistance selecting finishes for a new build.
+ …and more!

If working with Sethie was a word, I would say the word “harmonic” best describes it. The gift of being able to create space and bring two completely different visions together intentionally was a harmonic experience for us. We had an empty room and a big vision, and Sethie helped us turn our space into a room filled with purpose. Every wall, every accessory, and every detail was thought through with intentionality and executed with grace. We highly recommend Sethie’s services.

— Allen + Jennifer Parr