The Tribe Gathering

  • Back-to-School Tips to Beat Overwhelm​

    Back-to-School Tips to Beat Overwhelm​ by Sethlina Amakye

    The summer season is almost over, and many kids have enjoyed the freedom of fun indoor and outdoor activities; the new school term will begin. Very soon, many splashing in cool water, extra screen time, and additional rest. Some are excited to reunite with friends, while others are anxious to move to a new school […]

  • The Restorative Summer

    The Restorative Summer - The Tribe Gathering - Sethlina Amakye

    Get ready! It’s about time you experienced a restorative summer! Whether you’re spending the summer ensuring the kids have a wonderful school break or trying to complete all the tasks you postponed for the last three months, summer can be either a time of restoration (and rest) or a time of overwhelm and chaos. With […]