The summer season is almost over, and many kids have enjoyed the freedom of fun indoor and outdoor activities; the new school term will begin. Very soon, many splashing in cool water, extra screen time, and additional rest. Some are excited to reunite with friends, while others are anxious to move to a new school or class. Some pushback may be settling back into your daily schedule if you homeschool.

I know, however, that many mothers are worried and feel overwhelmed as they calculate the number of things they need to do in preparation for school. The list is often in addition to something you have to do in your home, job, or business.

You can manage this anxious period successfully if you first determine why you feel overwhelmed. The kids are valuable participants in helping you to manage your anxiety, so you could also get them involved from the beginning.

Back-to-School Tips to Beat Overwhelm​ by Sethlina Amakye

If your overwhelm comes from that long shopping list but still can’t find the time to shop due to your busy schedule. Consider ordering school supplies and clothes online using delivery or pickup services if you have a little. If you have responsible children, this may mean giving them the school supplies list to do on their own and allowing the older children to help the younger ones.

Note: You don’t need to purchase every article of clothing for the entire year! Try starting with the first 1-2 weeks and making modifications and adjustments in the following weeks.

Perhaps you are even concerned about how your child will adjust as they start a new school or enter a new class. Take the time to talk them through the day; if your child’s school allows for a walk, even better! This may ease your concern if you know what routine may look like for your child.

Your anxiety can also come because of financial challenges as you try to utilize the meager resources to select the most critical items. This may mean asking for help. It’s not easy, but if you have trusted family and friends who can assist you in overcoming these difficulties. You don’t have to do this alone. Many non-profit organizations, including local churches, have services like free backpacks or school supplies.

Most importantly, as you navigate these back-to-school challenges, never underestimate the benefits of prayer. God knows and understands when you face these overwhelming periods in your life. As a trusted friend, He wants to ease your fears and anxieties so you can confidently meet this new term.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:6 (NIV).